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May 11, 2015

Module 3 Spring 2015

  1. Class 1: Name the Game Game (presentation) – this was a double-class
    1. Assignment: blogpost reflecting on class and finding 1 or more articles about educational games
  2. Class 2: Guest speaker from Weladna Egyptian game company
  3. Class 3: Twitter Scavenger Hunt (handout)
    1. Assignment due midnight May 6: blogpost reflecting on the scavenger hunt
  4. Class 4: Start designing your own games (presentation)
    1. Assignment due end of class May 7: post to this google doc
  5. Class 5: Continue designing your game
    1. Assignment due May 11: one blogpost per group explaining your game concept and taking feedback from others
  6. Class 6: Play prototype game with your colleagues in our class
    1. (no assignment, just improve on your game based on feedback from the class)
  7. Class 7: Play the game in the library entrance with an AUC audience 1-3pm
    1. Assignment due May 21: multimedia & blogpost reflection on “making of the game” & “liquefy the syllabus” (my blogpost)

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