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November 8, 2015

#SelflessDMD Selfie

This photo was taken during class on Thurs Nov 5

If you notice, all the students are making a particular sign with both their hands – this is a #SelflessDMD Selfless Selfie – a campaign initiated by Jonathan Worth through Phonar Nation to raise awareness of Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy (DMD),  a progressive disease. When a child has DMD, it is difficult for them to do things like hold cameras and take selfies. The idea is that selfies, usually seen as an inclusive thing (everyone takes them) is actually NOT because people like those who have DMD cannot take them.  To take a selfless selfie, you’re actually not doing it alone. You can’t do that hand sign and take the photo yourself (well you can with a timer and stuff, but it’s complicated).


While I wanted to participate in the existing #SelflessDMD campaign, I also wanted to open up the floor for my students to design a similar campaign for a cause that they personally care about… so not necessarily DMD… but the idea of doing something similar for a cause they care about.

I showed them this video (embedded below) by Jonathan pitching the #SelflessDMD and believe it or not, the next class session, they asked about what they were going to do about it – so we spontaneously took this photo. I’m meeting Jonathan soon to discuss how we can adapt his idea to other causes here in Egypt.

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