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November 8, 2015

Module 2 Fall15 Edu Game Design

Hi, this is Maha Bali – I will be using this page to post material for our Fall 2015 Educational Game Design module in the course. Some of these will be links to class slides, some will be links to other pages/posts on the site.

  • November 2: Name the Game Game (slides).
  • November 5: #SelflessDMD – we took this selfie after we had a full-class reflection at L’Aroma in the rain.
  • November 9: Asking questions about Educational Games
    • Assignment: blog the answer to at least 3 questions using at least 3 links
  • November 12: Discussion on Educational Games, learning outcomes, multiple intelligences, etc.
  • November 16: Play Weladna
  • November 19: Visit from UNDP Game Designers
  • November 23: International Games Day
    • Assignment: write a reflection on international games day due Nov 26
  • November 30: Start forming teams to work on Game Concept Document
    • Assignment: team member names and game theme in your own team’s game concept document
  • December 3: Start writing game description in Game Concept Document
    • Assignment:  blog your game idea; start interviewing people
  • December 7: Start finalizing rules and details of your game
    • Assignment: blog the evolution of your game idea and what you found from interviews
  • December 10: Play game prototype in class and get feedback from colleagues
  • December 14: Play game in the library with all AUC community and some UNDP game designers
    • Due at midnight: individual reflections
    • Due at midnight: group’s “making of the game” video
  • December 17 (date of final exam) or 20:

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