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#tvsz Game for SEMR 1099 – Guidelines For Nov 14-16

Dear SEMR 1099 Students,


As you know we will be playing a Twitter game on Nov 14-16.  The game is worth 5% of your total grade.


The game will begin Nov 14 at 7pm Cairo time, and will have the first rule change within 3 hours or so.

To find out more about how the game works, visit this link here

To sign up for the game, click here

For help on using Twitter, contact me any time via Twitter or text message!

Photography on Twitter by Marc Benton via Flickr CC-By-NC-SA

Photography on Twitter by Marc Benton via Flickr CC-By-NC-SA


  • Required: You get 1% for tweeting at least 10 tweets on 2 days of the game. Your tweets should show you understand what the game is about and involve communicating with others playing the game.
  • Required: You can get up to 1% for writing a blogpost reflecting on the game after it has ended (Due Nov 24)
  • Required (options to get 3-4%)  (any combination)
    • You can get up to 2% for participating in game artifacts (e.g. blogposts, pictures, etc. – so you need to do at least 2 to get the 2%)
    • You can get up to 2% for participating in rule changes of the game (this will depend on how many times you participate and how substantial your rule changes are)
    • You can get an extra 1% for showing helpfulness to other players in the game e.g. by encouraging them to play, or by helping explain rules, or ways to do things on Twitter, etc.
    • (note that if you do everything listed so far, you would actually get 7% not 5% – that extra 2% is a bonus for being an active player in the game!)

Why are we doing this game again?

The game is meant to help you think more creatively about educational game design. By playing #tvsz, you will:

  • Enhance their twitter/digital literacy skills
  • Participate in the “changing rules” of the game (happens several times during the game time) and reflect on the impact of rule changing on game dynamics and engagement; also begin to recognize power issues in gaming
  • Reflect on the indirect learning that took place via this game and start imagining how to design one’s own game using what was learned about gaming in #tvsz
  • Experience the power of Twitter to connect with people all over the world & collaborate

Let the games begin….

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