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SEMR 1110 Nov 3 Introduction to Educational Games

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(Pause, Wobble, Flow icebreaker) 

  1. Group 1
  2. Group 2
  3. Group 3
  4. Group 4
  5. Group 5

All About Games Activities:

  1. Take 5 minutes to write down the names of as many games as you can think of
  2. 5 minutes: in groups, categorize these games into whatever categories make sense to you
  3. 5 minutes: Pick 3 games from those on your list that you think others in other groups may not have picked, and we will play a guessing game using these games
  4. 15 minutes: One person from another group will have to try to get his group to guess which game (assigned by another group, under a certain category) it is via one of the following methods:
    1. Pantomime (men gheir kalam)
    2. Piktionary (drawing)
    3. Description without using the words in the game itself
    4. Answering yes/no questions only
  5. 5 minutes After finishing this, we talk about “hacking” and give examples from storytelling
  6. 5 minutes Activity: take a game and “hack” it to make it a good game for “learning”

Researching Educational Games

  1. Research 2 of these terms (as a group, in class – then present briefly what you find)
    1. Educational games
    2. Games for social change
    3. Gamification
    4. Serious games
    5. Serious play
    6. Playful learning
  2. Knowing the purpose of this class is for you to eventually create educational games, what kind of questions do you have? What do you think you need to learn more about?
    1. (student generated questions)
    2. (spend some time collecting resources – do more of this at home)

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